Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Videos and Update

 I have a couple videos here of me preforming at two open mics. I also have a small update for y'all.

Aja Espling and I preforming my song " Angel Dust " ( Classical Love )

Second song is I alone doing another song from my Album " Classical Love " called " Run, Run, Bunnytail. "

The Location is European Street at Jacksonville Beach.
Me Preforming " My Little Song " ( Classical Love ) at the Homestead at Jacksonville Beach.
I went to an Audition fora Recording Company here in Jacksonville named ' Cypress Records '. It went pretty well, I recorded three songs for the guy and he said even though he was going to erase the recordings because they were just for fun, he was going to try and find me some sponsors to pay for my recordings.

He also mentioned that he'll contact me at a later date about going on a Local Comcast television program for Young Musicians. Pretty cool, I look forward to hearing from him.

I recording Six songs today for my third upcoming album, " Love To The Wolves. " Pretty good recordings and I'm happy with them. I think this album will be overall pretty decent.

For more info on me and my music,

Check out the Youtube page ( Click the videos and you know what to do from there. )

And the myspace page >

I'll be creating a facebook and twitter here shortly, hopefully lol.

Peace and Love, everyone =D


  1. you should totally embed the vids.

  2. i'll check it out, you should really get the vids on here man

  3. yeah, embedded videos would be way more cooler :D

  4. Talent man, hope you keep at it! good stuff.

  5. Nice job in both the vids. The second one is a little hard to hear over the crowd but I like it better than the first. Great post!

  6. dude i'm back from amsterdam.

    come check out all the cool pictures i took!

  7. You can put video in this page, so we can see them in a single glance. Nice blog.