Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten most played songs on my iTunes May-October

This is kinda a repost, but I've added October to it.

May 18th, 2010. Top 10 Most Played.
1) " These Old Shoes " - Deer TIck.
2) " Daylight " - Matt & Kim.
3) " The Story I Heard " - Blind Pilot.
4) " Come In Please " - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
5) " Home " - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
6) " Skeleton Song " - Kate Nash.
7) " Gives You Hell " - All American Rejects.
8) " 40 Day Dream " - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
9) " Up From Below " - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
10) " Float On " - Modest Mouse.

June 21st, 2010. Top 10 Most Played
1) " These Old Shoes " - Deer Tick
2) " Daylight " - Matt & Kim.
3) " How To Hang A Warhol " - Little Joy.
4) " Brand New Start " - Little Joy.
5) " Classical Love " - Pipe Smoking Rabbit.
6) " Miami " - Against Me!
7) " Unprotected Sex With Multible Partners " - Against Me!
8) " Home " - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.
9) " Trash Unreal " - Against Me!
10) Will You Return? " - The Avett Brothers.

July 22nd, 2010. Top 10 Most Played.
1) " Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare " - Matt & Kim.
2) " That Crown Don't Make You A Prince " - Murder By Death.
3) " Blue Lips " - Regina Spektor.
4) " Bookends " - Simon & Garfunkal.
5) " These Old Shoes " - Deer Tick.
6) " Oliver James " - Fleet Foxes.
7) " The Prophecy " - Immortal Technique.
8) " Lion's Mane " - Iron & Wine.
9) " Piece By Piece " - Murder By Death.
10) " Diamond Day " - Vashti Bunyan.

August 24th, 2010. Top 10 Most Played.
1) " The Little Black Egg " - The Nightcrawlers.
2) " Black Friday Rule " - Flogging Molly.
3) " Diamond Day " - Vashti Bunyan.
4) " Colorshow " - The Avett Brothers.
5) " These Old Shoes " - Deer Tick.
6) " Oliver James " - Fleet Foxes.
7) " The Prophecy " - Immortal Technique.
8) " Lion's Mane " - Iron & Wine.
9) " That Crown Don't Make You A Prince " - Murder By Death.
10 " I've Just Seen A Face " - The Beatles.

September 27th, 2010. Top 10 Most Played.
1) " Little Lion Man " - Mumford & Sons.
2) " Little Black Egg " - The Nightcrawlers.
3) " Walk The Line " - The Tallest Man on Earth.
4) " It Will Follow The Rain " - The Tallest Man on Earth.
5) " These Old SHoes " - Deer Tick.
6) " Ashamed " - Deer Tick.
7) " I've just seen a Face " - The Beatles.
8) " Baltimore Blues No. 1 " - Deer Tick.
9) " Now That I KNow " - Devendra Banhart.
10) " Oliver James " - Fleet Foxes.

October 24th, 2010. Top 10 Most Played.
1) " Walk The Line " - The Tallest Man on Earth.
2) " Little Lion man " - Mumford & Sons.
3) " The Little Black Egg " - The Nightcrawlers.
4) " Ashamed " - Deer Tick.
5) " It Will Follow The Rain " - The Tallest Man on Earth.
6) " Steal Tomorrow " - The Tallest Man on Earth.
7) " These Old Shoes " - Deer Tick.
8) " Tighten Up " - The Black Keys.
9) " Baltimore Blues No. 1 " - Deer Tick.
10) " I've Just Seen a Face " - The Beatles.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Update

I've added a couple songs from my Third album ' Love To The Wolves ' unto www.Myspace.com/Pipesmokingrabbit

Tell me what you think! I'll also be making videos soon, so.

Bare with me, folks! And thanks for all the support! I hit 100 Followers a couple days ago =D Thanks, you all rule! =]

Much Love

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Okay, so, Small update.

Nothing new is really going on.

I played at the Homestead again last night and Vossk Victus kepy making very weak Guitar Puns.... I lul'd though, he won Four internets for that.

I'm playing the the Three Layers coffehouse tonight at 8. Can't wait =D

Love To The Wolves will be realeased soon, I only ahve a few more songs to record off of it and I'm stilling waiting on the album cover to be produced.

Check out the Youtube channel to check out some vids..


Again, Facebook and Twitter will come soon.

On a person note, Google Analytics & Firefox are still being stupid and wont let me on my Dashboard so I'm being forced to use Internet Explorer. I'll be more active on my post as soon as this Problem is taken care of.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


That I haven't been updating much.

Google-Analytics and Firefox have been keeping me off of my Blogger dashboard D; I'l be back for good after I figure out how to get rid of the bug.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Videos and Update

 I have a couple videos here of me preforming at two open mics. I also have a small update for y'all.

Aja Espling and I preforming my song " Angel Dust " ( Classical Love )

Second song is I alone doing another song from my Album " Classical Love " called " Run, Run, Bunnytail. "

The Location is European Street at Jacksonville Beach.

Me Preforming " My Little Song " ( Classical Love ) at the Homestead at Jacksonville Beach.

I went to an Audition fora Recording Company here in Jacksonville named ' Cypress Records '. It went pretty well, I recorded three songs for the guy and he said even though he was going to erase the recordings because they were just for fun, he was going to try and find me some sponsors to pay for my recordings.

He also mentioned that he'll contact me at a later date about going on a Local Comcast television program for Young Musicians. Pretty cool, I look forward to hearing from him.

I recording Six songs today for my third upcoming album, " Love To The Wolves. " Pretty good recordings and I'm happy with them. I think this album will be overall pretty decent.

For more info on me and my music,

Check out the Youtube page ( Click the videos and you know what to do from there. )

And the myspace page > Www.Myspace.com/Pipesmokingrabbit

I'll be creating a facebook and twitter here shortly, hopefully lol.

Peace and Love, everyone =D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Small Update.

So someone asked me if I had any of my songs on iTunes.

Answer : No, not yet.

Sub Pop Records has a deal with iTunes, though, that for about $70 dollars you can put an entire album on iTunes. This doesn't mean that you're signed with Sub Pop, though. It's just a way for new artist to get their name out there, so as soon as I can raise enough money to afford that, I'll have my songs on iTunes.

Also, there's a record Company here in Jacksonville that is mainly about Digital Music, so if I'm able to sign with them, they'll be putting my music up on iTunes.

Someone also asked me if they could preview my music on here. Well, I can't on Blogger, however, if you go to the myspace page, you can listen to several songs from Classical love, a couple songs from Pipe Smoking Rabbit, and a rough cut song from Love To The Wolves.

However, I'll be trying to make single song videos of several of my songs as soon as I can. Put them on youtube, and will post the videos on here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Summery of my musical progress so far.

One album Released ( Classical Love = 13 Tracks )
One album needing touch ups before its' release ( Pipe Smoking Rabbit = 15 tracks )
One album in Work ( Love To The Wolves = 13 tracks so far )


I've been playing the " Golden Songs " ( Usual Set of my Favorite Songs from Classical Love. Usually Includes, Angel Dust, My Little Song, Run Run Bunnytail, Book Called Love, And, Classical Love. ) At Open mics around Town and I get a really good response for them. I thank ' Vossk Victus ' ( Justin Sanderson ) for the amazing Artwork. All I need now, is raise enough money to get some studio time and send Demo's of Classical Love to a few choice Labels I have in mind.

I've only sold one CD, which isn't good, but it's good that people like my stuff enough to buy a CD, when offered one for free.

I've recently heard of a Label right here on the west side of Jacksonville, Riversiderecords, I'll try and get a try out session for them as soon as I can. Not a big label, but it's a start.


Aside from the Golden Songs, I've also been playing " Blue " and " Teenage Mentality " At Open mics as well. This album, as I've already stated, has 15 tracks, but is the same length as Classical Love. Every song needs touching up, even a few new versions of some of the songs will be made. Considering that one song ( That will appear in the next album ) was left out due to it did not fit the Album mood. A few songs will appear in this album that were left out of Classical Love ( There'll be colours, Nobody Knows Why, And, Burn For you. ) Due to my laziness to rerecord them and put them into the album. I thank ' Panda ' ( Andrea Haseltine ) For the Ideal Artwork for the album cover for this Album.


Still in the Making, none of the 13 songs have been recorded yet. A couple of these songs in this Album don't even have music behind them, and I'll have to get with Cassie Owens to help me out with one of them, considering that if we don't complete her song ( She wrote it ), the song I wrote as a Question to her Answer song, has no place on the album. The other song, I'll put music to later.

This album is more dark than the other two. That's really all I can say about it. And I'm waiting for ' Panda ' to draw up the Album Cover for it.


Things are going steady. Slow, but steady.

PipesmokingrabbitYT < Youtube Channel
Www.Myspace.com/Pipesmokingrabbit < Myspace page
( Facebook Page & Twitter will come at a later date )

If you wanna buy a copy of Classical Love, or put in a order for a future CD coming, it's pretty easy to get hold of me. So, yeah.. $10 + Shipping. 

Also, I'll try and ' Get back ' to everyone at least every other day.

Much Love, everyone.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey, Guys.

Sorry I haven't been ' posting ' much to you all. I thank you for your support and I WILL Get back to you all eventually ( Probably early or Later next week, I'll make the wait worth it =P )

And you all know what I mean by that.

In other news, Three open mic nights in three nights in a row, pretty fun, did pretty great =D

I'll be playing at the lovely Three Layers Coffehouse ( In Springfield, jacksonville, Florida. ) at 9pm next Thursday.

Probably European ST Cafe again on Tuesday, or The Loft on Tuesday ( Still waiting to hear back from her about that ) And perhaps The Homestead ( I didn't really like it there, but a nice crowd ) on Wednesday.

Also uploading the videos we took of me playing at them last week. You can find them at ;

PipesmokingrabbitYT ( Youtube channel )

Peace & Love. I'll be back soon enough.