Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been searching for Record labels to send my Demos too. It's hard though, my music is really hard to describe, Mellow Indie Folk is really where I put it, but there's really no label for that Grouping lol. A few of the Labels I've put a lot of thought into are these,

Fat Possum Records.
Bella Union Records.
Waterbug Records.
Dead Oceans Records.
Jagjaguwar Records.

If you know of another Label I could look into, or if you have any tips or advice, please let me know =D I could use some good advice lol.

I've also added a few more videos to the PipesmokingrabbitYT ( My Youtube Channel ), Same bit really, Kevin Pualk and I jamming out.

I'll be uploading the Coffehouse version of Classical Love soon to the PSRYT, he version Steavie Espling and I did  last Friday.

And Work on my Third album ( Love To The Wolves ) has been slow, and I still have several songs to rerecord in order to produce my Second album ( Pipe Smoking Rabbit ).

I'll keep you all updated.

PipesmokingrabbitYT < Youtube Channel < Myspace Page.

Any and all support  is thanked in advance =]

Peace & Love, Everyone!


  1. Meh... You're in a completely different type of music as I am, otherwise we could have networked a little... Still, as one musician to another I wish you the best of luck finding a label !!

  2. Fat Possum Records <- this plz

    good luck!!!

  3. Fat possum label is great, go for it!

  4. looking forward to hearing your music!

  5. cant wait to here what you put out man

  6. Yeah, I was thinking Fat Possum as well.

    Band of Horses
    Andrew Bird
    Little Ax
    We Are Wolves

    Are all signed to FPR, which is pretty cool, plus I like their policies and whatnot.

  7. im checking you guys out on myspace, this is the kinda music my gf is really into. ill send it on to her and see if she likes it :)

  8. Looking forward to hearing your music for sure.

  9. screw record labels, record labels are dying.
    slow but steady.

    reales your music on itunes and other direct platforms.
    be your on master.

    and if your music is good/gets many downloads eventually youll get a offer

  10. I hit you guys with my truck today. Sad.

  11. Just try to not get too screwed by whichever label you go with.

  12. Not sure on a particular label but never give up. If one turns you down, move onto the next one. But also, don't let the label use you. Make sure your ontop of everything. If there's something in your contract you don't like, move to the next one. Don't let them make ALL of the decisions for you.

    Be yourself :D

  13. Absolutely love your sound, and I hope that you get signed, regardless of which label takes you!

  14. I don't really know, you could be right

  15. this is a good post that makes me want to come back for more

  16. Hey man, I also am trying to promote my own music so i know the trouble. Something to look into would be self marketing. Build an online and real life fanbase, get a few hundred bucks and pay a company to package some nice CD's to sell at shows and to whoevere will buy

  17. If I were you, I'd do my own homepage and give the music away for free (collect e-mail adresses), and premium packages for some money. Thats the best way today to market your own music.